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Dewey Square Group’s Multicultural Affairs practice has assembled some of the best known and respected strategists in the African American, Hispanic, and Asian American communities in the United States to provide invaluable knowledge, experience, and influence within these communities and in the political, public policy, and business arenas.

African American and Latino communities now comprise more than one quarter of the country’s population. By 2023, minorities will make up a majority of our country’s children under the age of 18, and by 2039, they will make up a majority of the working-age population.

California and Texas are already majority-minority states with more states heading in that direction.  As an example, every month 50,000 Latinos turn 18. This is a multi-trillion dollar amount of spending power from communities of color. Recognizing the power and influence of these communities and other emerging markets, DSG helps clients understand the changing marketplace; build relationships; execute effective, appropriate, culturally sensitive and cutting edge media and communications strategies; and advocates on policy, political, social and civil rights issues.

Dewey Square Group’s Latinovations has deep and lasting relationships among the nation’s Hispanic communities that come from almost two decades of work and cooperative efforts on issues important to the community’s leaders.

From local and national elected leaders to advocacy organizations, to influencers and celebrities, these relationships have been built over many years and countless campaigns involving a myriad of key issues in the Latino community. Latinovations principals have expertise in designing and executing outreach and relationship building for Fortune 500 companies, major non-profit organizations, trade associations and politicians.

DSG Latinovations is led by former DNC Communications Director Maria Cardona bringing two decades of experience in communication strategies, coalition building and marketing within the Hispanic community.

Latinovations also produces one of the fastest growing blogs about Latino political news, La Plaza. Guest writers for La Plaza include a who’s who of Latino leaders.

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