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DSG’s Public Affairs practice maximizes our clients’ success in all facets of the public policy arena.

From communications, to grassroots, to direct government relations to social media, our Public Affairs practice ensures the firm is bringing all of the expertise, talent, and gravitas of our principals to bear for the success of our clients. With second-to-none, long-standing relationships at the state and federal levels and within key communities, DSG connects our clients to leaders in Washington and across the country and helps shape public policy at all levels of government. But we do not stop there.

DSG’s public affairs team provides best-in-class service and expertise when it comes to conditioning the environment for a successful campaign on a client’s issue.  We are exhaustive in our commitment to gathering the right intelligence from across our practice areas to ensure the best approach. That extra effort means that when our client’s issue lands on the desk of decision-makers, it has the maximum chance at success.

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