As a Principal in DSG’s California practice, Benavides is a proven leader who has harnessed the intersection of policy advocacy, civic & electoral engagement, media, government relations and multicultural activism. For two decades, Benavides has led successful political, public policy, and public engagement communications campaigns.  An expert on civic engagement and public affairs, Benavides career includes providing strategic counsel to national, state and local leaders from the private and public sectors, with a specialty of developing partnerships and creating capacity for public engagement within a multicultural context. Benavides has consulted and advised Forbes 100 companies, federal, state and local governments, political institution, global foundations, candidates and advocacy organizations.

Benavides career also includes serving as Founding Chair and former Executive Director for APIAVote, a national nonpartisan nonprofit civic and electoral engagement organization, Executive Director for California Community Technology Policy Council, DNC Director of Constituencies and State Director for Nevada Win Justice Coalition.

As one of Benavides life achievement is her service as a Co-Founder and Campaign Strategist for the National Alliance for Filipino World War II Filipino Veterans for Equity (NAFVE).  After WW II, Filipinos who served under the US Flag’s military benefits were rescinded.  From 2007-2009, Benavides developed policy engagement infrastructure at the grass tops and grassroots levels, raised funds, developed and implemented policy-communications strategies. In 2009, President Barack Obama signed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, authorizing the release of one lump sum payment to eligible World War II Filipino Veterans, widows and eligible family members.

Benavides is a community leader who serves on boards that support emerging leaders and grow capacity for community involvement at all levels.  She currently serves on the Boards of Civic Power of Media, Civic Power of Change, and America’s Opportunity Fund. Benavides served distinguished honors as German Marshall Fund Transatlantic Fellow, Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute Fellow, Outen-UMC GBCS Fellow, Ron Brown Civil Rights and Economic Development Honoree and Filipina American Women’s Network Top 100 Influential Women Honoree.

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