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Dewey Square Group’s foundation was set 20 years ago when three of the nation’s top political operatives founded the firm in Boston.

Our driving force then, as it is now, was to take the best of the political world and apply those strategies to the policy and competitive challenges that corporations, non-profits, coalitions, and trade associations face with increasing regularity.

Over the past two decades, we have built our team around this foundation, assembling accomplished professionals from the highest levels of government, politics, and the private sector. We are veterans of national and state political campaigns. We have federal, state, and local government experience. We have worked in the private sector. We are an experienced team that loves the work we do and is committed to making a positive difference.

Dewey Square has offices located in Boston, DC, Sacramento, Michigan, St. Louis, Tampa and affiliates in every state, ensuring we have the reach to meet the needs of our clients anywhere in the country.

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