Freedom to Marry

Freedom to MarryFreedom to Marry was launched in 2003 with the goal to win the nationwide right for same-sex couples to marry. From a vision once shared by only a few, the organization played a major part in propelling marriage equality into the national debate and, ultimately, to the nation’s highest court.

Paving the road to victory for national marriage equality.


For more than a decade, Freedom to Marry pursued a strategy focused on setting the stage for a national victory at the Supreme Court. In partnership with national and state organizations, Freedom to Marry worked to build a critical mass of states where same-sex couples can marry and a critical mass of public support in favor of the freedom to marry.


While the organization had made significant progress building public support for marriage, they recognized that additional national media attention could help push the issue over the finish line.


In advance of an expected Supreme Court decision, Freedom to Marry partnered with Dewey Square Group to drive the narrative in earned and paid media that America was ready for the freedom to marry and that real people were harmed by the basic denial of rights.

Victory at the Supreme Court - Freedom to Marry Nationwide

As a part of this effort, the DSG team worked to build on the already strong public profile of Freedom to Marry founder Evan Wolfson and solidify his position as one of the leading architects of the strategy that helped bring the issue to the Supreme Court and ultimately brought the freedom to marry to the nation. By making Evan a valuable resource to the media for information and insight, he was able to communicate Freedom to Marry’s message and at the same time convey the role his organization played in the larger movement.


To build relationships and shape coverage of the issue, DSG organized a series of meetings for Evan and his team with key reporters and columnists, including Supreme Court reporters from major outlets. The DSG team also developed a “wish list” of key print and broadcast pieces to pursue, and worked over several months to secure several of them.


As a result of DSG’s partnership with Freedom to Marry, Evan Wolfson and the organization garnered significant media coverage and helped build momentum at a critical moment. The coverage highlighted both Evan’s leadership and the organization’s successful field operation in the historic fight for marriage equality.


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What’s next

Having achieved the goal it fought for over four decades, Freedom to Marry is closing its doors. DSG looks forward to following the future pursuits and the noble causes of the capable members of the Freedom to Marry team.

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