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Dewey Defend

Detect and Defend Against Messaging Attacks and Online Disinformation

Dewey Defend is a service that detects and reports the earliest signs of coordinated messaging attacks and misinformation and offers countermeasures to mitigate the damage they do.

The information marketplace is under attack.

The volume of disinformation and fake accounts continues to grow, impacting the entire online media space — impacting political communications, key public policy issues, and brands.

Dewey Defend brings together a variety of tools — including the best of third-party resources as well as specialized tools we’ve built in-house — with highly-trained human analysts and social media strategists.

Dewey Defend has been deployed on multiple national and statewide campaigns and has the capacity to scan millions of social messages and accounts. We analyze video, audio, and image content, account activity, online advertising, related discussions, topics, and hashtags — not just on mainstream platforms, but also in niche, conspiratorial spaces where new messaging attacks germinate before branching out to mainstream, persuadable audiences.

Dewey Defend draws on unparalleled datasets of disinformation to identify bad actors and to suggest countermeasures that protect your accounts and balance the information space.

Customized Deliverables for Your Needs

Each of our clients is unique — in their needs, in their capacity, in their resources and in the kinds of disinformation and bad actors they’re dealing with. Our partnership with every client is also unique. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Email alerts for early signs of message distortion, spikes in relevant online mentions, abnormal activity, or active attacks. Think of it like a smoke detector for your social media.
  • Ongoing reporting and analysis of disinformation and messaging trends that could affect you or the issues you care about.
  • Advanced tools and analysis for monitoring frequent bad actors and attackers.
  • Countermeasure and inoculation recommendations to help you take actions to mitigate the attacks.
  • Online advertising support to mitigate the effects of disinformation and to counter messaging attacks.

Dewey Defend can help you prepare for and fight back against disinformation and fake news campaigns.