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Message About Our Dear Friend and Colleague

Dewey Square Group co-founder Chuck Campion

MARCH 7, 2018 — With the heaviest of hearts, we are sharing with you the very sad news that we lost our friend and co-founder Chuck Campion today.

Chuck touched us all with his unique spirit and charm. He filled rooms with joy, and he filled the hearts of his friends and colleagues with a special kind of warmth that only he could spark. He leaves a void that no one can fill, but the sound of Chuck’s laughter, the meaningful difference he made in our politics, and the bond he had with so many of us, will forever endure.

Chuck joined with us to form Dewey Square Group 25 years ago. Together, we built a firm that has always put its clients first – Chuck would have it no other way. Chuck was the heart and soul of the Dewey Square Group and he set the standard for all of us to strive for excellence and decency.

Chuck had an extraordinary mind and an unparalleled ability to empathize with others. His political instincts and knowledge ran deep. Chuck imparted sound advice to so many candidates and office holders – they got in line to get Chuck on their side and he made them better public servants.

He loved and was beloved by his family, with whom he connected in the most amazingly deep, caring and joyful ways. His children Courtney and Max are his greatest legacy.

Chuck lived and fought with enormous strength and dignity, setting an example for us all.

We who knew him are blessed, and we will continue to be blessed by his memory.