Boston and Washington, D.C.


As a co-founder of Dewey Square Group with more than 25 years of experience, Michael has been a key strategist in many of the nation’s high-profile public policy debates. He has led “war room” campaigns, directing messaging and political strategy operations for Fortune 50 companies, non-profits and coalitions.

A senior strategist for several national campaigns, Michael’s experience includes serving as General Election Director at the Democratic National Committee in 2004, Chief Political Strategist for the DNC in 2000, and senior advisor to the John Kerry for President and Gore 2000 campaigns. Additionally he was National Field Director for Clinton/Gore ’92 and National Campaign Manager for Vice President Gore during the 1996 reelection. Following the Clinton/Gore victory in 1992, Michael was appointed Director of the Office of Priority Placement in the White House Office of Personnel. In 2006 he oversaw national GOTV activities for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which led to a historic gain in US House seats and Democratic control of Congress.

Michael is a native of Boston and a graduate of Boston College.

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