One of the original principals of the Dewey Square Group, Tom McShane heads up the DSG Energy & Environment Practice. McShane specializes in the development and implementation of coordinated strategic campaigns regarding major project development permitting, public policy issues and environmental impact review compliance.

McShane served as the Undersecretary of Environmental Affairs, Massachusetts’ second ranking environmental official, where he oversaw MEPA, management, budget, policy development and public affairs for all six major environmental agencies of the Commonwealth.

Prior to that McShane served as Chief of Staff in the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, and has also served as the primary environmental lobbyist for the executive branch under three different Governors, building the coalitions and consensus for passage of all major environmental statutes in the 1980s.

At the local level, McShane has served as a member of the Mansfield Planning Board and the municipal Master Plan Committee and as a Director of the Natural Resources Trust.

McShane remains deeply involved in the Walden Woods Project and the Thoreau Institute. He is one of the founding directors of the Island Alliance, the organization that successfully led to the designation of Boston’s Harbor Islands as a National Park. He has also served as co-chairman of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Energy & Environment Committee and Chairman of the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters.

McShane, a native of Boston, earned his B.A. from the University of Massachusetts and currently resides in Scituate, Mass.

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