Washington, D.C.


Tim is co-founder and head of Dewey Digital, the digital and social media arm of Dewey Square Group.

Dewey Digital provides a full range of digital offerings: from the design and engineering of websites, databases, and mobile apps, to leveraging data analytics, digital advertising, social media, and other cutting-edge tools for online advocacy. This includes a practice specifically devoted to identifying and countering online disinformation that is dangerously prevalent during national and state-wide campaigns and issue debates.

Tim and his team work with major labor unions, nonprofits, government agencies, and corporations to harness the power of digital and social media and online advertising.

Tim also has a decades-long history of working in the technology industry. Prior to DSG, he was Senior Vice President of Advanced Media Platforms and Chief Technology Officer at Sony Corp of America based in Los Angeles. In this capacity, Tim was a key strategist and technologist coordinating with Sony’s global technology efforts in next-generation mobile, game, interactive television, home network, new media formats, and software development. As General Manager and Senior Vice President, Tim established and managed the worldwide mobile entertainment publishing and licensing division of Sony Pictures Entertainment.  

Recognizing his pioneering work in interactive television, Tim was awarded the 2000 Smithsonian Laureate Award. 

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