Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C.

607 14th St, NW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005

P: 202 638 5616 | F: 202 638 5612

Dewey Square Group brings grassroots to Washington, D.C.

Dewey Square Group’s U.S. headquarters stands just a block away from the White House. Washington, D.C. serves as a hub for many of DSG’s nationwide client initiatives and nurtures the firm’s deep relationships with respected leaders in politics, media, industry, labor and the nonprofit sector.

The D.C. office is a center of expertise for the firm’s leading integrated public affairs approach as well as its distinguished multicultural affairs, digital, grassroots, strategic communications, and sports business practices.



The Westory Building, Dewey Square Group’s D.C. office building, is constructed. It was heralded as one of the most beautiful office buildings in the Eastern United States.


DSG’s Latinovations is founded to serve as a focal point for the Latino community’s voice in public policy debates.


The walking distance, in miles, from DSG’s Washington, D.C. offices to the front entrance of the White House.

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