“Listen carefully to the client. Think methodically. Put your heart and soul into the project.”

– Michael Whouley, DSG co-founder

Advocacy is about impacting things that matter.

Promoting policy that could affect millions of people and businesses. Having a say in regulations whose wording could change the course of the country. Introducing valuable services and products to the communities who can benefit from them.


You and your organization have a big stake in the outcome.

The first step to achieving your goals is defining a winning strategy. Working together, we’ll take your complex public policy issue or consumer marketing challenge, break it down into the parts that matter, and put energy into the tactics that will make a difference.


So does the public.

Success means getting people on your side. We’ll start by taking your message and voicing it in a way that resonates with the people – engaging and activating them to carry your cause further (or embrace your brand faster) than you ever could have on your own.


Dewey Square Group | Mar 21
Keep ‪#‎solar‬ working for Massachusetts! #votesolar

You can count on allies.

Through relationships, common goals, and trust, we’ll form partnerships. Identifying allies – non-profits, corporations, leaders of communities and local organizations – who will join you on the same side of the table. They’ll communicate your message so it connects with the people they lead: African American and Latino communities, faith-based organizations, affinity groups, small businesses, labor unions. The real grassroots will rally to your cause.


You can gain the support of opinion leaders.

Opinion leaders whose voices and keystrokes matter on the airwaves, in op-eds, online, in social media, and in the minds of policymakers – will join in. Your message will be amplified. And it will carry the conversation in every meaningful public forum.


You can scale. Big time.

As it all begins humming and taking on a life of its own, we’ll scale. Nationwide. To all 50 states if necessary. Immediately. Now, you have much more than a position on an issue. You have a movement.

This is how Dewey Square Group does advocacy. This is how Dewey Square Group helps you win.

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